Past Special Exhibitions

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Hokusai at Play with the 100 Poems
December 15, 2022(Thu.) - February 26, 2023(Sun.)
This exhibition focuses on Hokusai’s One Hundred Poems Explained by a Nurse, joined by a wide range of other works of art related to One Hundred Poets, One Hundred Poems, in introducing that anthology. We hope you will enjoy these works, in which the powers of One Hundred Poets, One Hundred Poems and of Hokusai cross-fertilize and multiply.
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Hokusai Presents a Riot of Demons
June 21, 2022(Tue.) - August 28, 2022(Sun.)
This exhibition introduces demon-related works from the popular A Hundred Tales series of polychrome prints, illustrated block-printed books, and other sources to explore how Hokusai, with his prodigious genius, perceived and expressed demons.
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"Scenery of Both Banks of the Sumida River" and "Sketches by Hokusai”, Special exhibits: Depictions of Mountains by Hokusai
May 24, 2022(Tue.) - June 12, 2022(Sun.)
In this exhibition room, there is a reproduction of the Hokusai picture scroll, the "Scenery of Both Banks of the Sumida River" with a total length of about 7 m, and several full-scale replicas of books such as "Sketches by Hokusai". And the corner of the special exhibits holds on the Depictions of Mountains by Hokusai.
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Hokusai - Floral Glory
March 15, 2022(Tue.) - May 22, 2022(Sun.)
The flowers of the four seasons at their finest!