Past Special Exhibitions

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Hokusai Presents a Riot of Demons
June 21, 2022(Tue.) - August 28, 2022(Sun.)
This exhibition introduces demon-related works from the popular A Hundred Tales series of polychrome prints, illustrated block-printed books, and other sources to explore how Hokusai, with his prodigious genius, perceived and expressed demons.
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"Scenery of Both Banks of the Sumida River" and "Sketches by Hokusai”, Special exhibits: Depictions of Mountains by Hokusai
May 24, 2022(Tue.) - June 12, 2022(Sun.)
In this exhibition room, there is a reproduction of the Hokusai picture scroll, the "Scenery of Both Banks of the Sumida River" with a total length of about 7 m, and several full-scale replicas of books such as "Sketches by Hokusai". And the corner of the special exhibits holds on the Depictions of Mountains by Hokusai.
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Hokusai - Floral Glory
March 15, 2022(Tue.) - May 22, 2022(Sun.)
The flowers of the four seasons at their finest!