Hommage à Hokusai , Nearly Thirty-six Mischiefs of Shiriagari Kotobuki

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Hommage à Hokusai , Nearly Thirty-six Mischiefs of Shiriagari Kotobuki

January 27, 2018(Sat.) - February 4, 2018(Sun.)
Only 8 days exhibition of manga artist Shiriagari Kotobuki who held the lecture in our opening memorial symposium(Dec 2016) and the lecture of the exhibition“A Ramble down the Tōkaidō Road”(May 2017)!!

Shiriagari Kotobuki is a Japanese manga artist whose unforgettable works deal with various topics, such as gag strip and social problem. Moreover, in 2014, his animation “Voyage de Hoksuai” was shown in the exhibition “Hokusai” held in the Grand Palais (Paris). Today as a contemporary art artist, he creates fine art pieces and held solo exhibitions in museums in Japan last year.
Shiriagari will make nearly 36 new works while he is playing a little trick on master pieces of Hokusai who he respect for. His humorous homage let us feel familiar with Hokusai. Please enjoy comparing with his inspired Hokusai’s original images (replica) which is displayed next to Shiriagari’s one.
Sat 27 Jan - Sun 4 Feb
9:30~17:30(Last admission 17:00)
Every Monday
Admission fee
Adults: 600 yen etc

■Exhibition Structure
☆ 4th Floor:

In this exhibition, Shiriagari reinterprets Katsushika Hokusai and he provides us a new perspective for Hokusai’s popular images ex. “Thirty-six views of Mt. Fuji” and “Portrait of Hokusai” by Keisai Esen. Hokusai is known as world master of Ukiyo-e, therefore we feel distance to us. However, in fact, he created many humorous images. We touch Hokusai’s humor while seeing Shiriagari’s homage for Hokusai.  We display replicas of Hokusai next to the Shiriagari’s works to compare with two. Please find the reason why Shiriagari add his images in Hokusai’s work.

☆ 3rd Floor folyer:  Animation, the place where events are held (Only the performing days)
Two events will be held on the 3rd floor during the exhibition. You can read models ex Sketched by Hokusai while holding your hands and see animation ”Voyage de HOKUSAI” which was shown in the exhibition “Hokusai ” held in Paris .
※Displays may be changed by organizer’s dedication. 

Shiriagari Kotobuki
 Born in Shizuoka City in 1958. After graduating from the Tama Art University, Major of Graphic Design, he joined Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. in 1981 and was in charge of package design and advertisement promotion, etc. In 1985, he made his debut as a manga artist in his book "Ereki na haru". He got a lot of attention as a new type of gag manga artist who focused on parodies. After setting up for himself in 1994, he has continued to publish various kind of works such as fantasy or literary, four-panel cartoon in newspaper, long story comics and underground manga, etc. In recent years, the range of his creation is being expanded in many other aspects.