Edo Kimekomi Dolls (Wood caving toy) and Edokiriko (Cut glass) Workshop (only in Japanese)

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February 12, 2018(Mon.) - February 12, 2018(Mon.)
1、Edo Kimekomi Dolls (Wood caving toy) Workshop (only in Japanese)
Edo Kimekomi Dolls are made in Sumida. They are made by tucking and fixing cloth (usually brocade) costumes to grooves on the doll's body. Artisan perform making doll and you can experience making it.

2、Edokiriko(Cut glass) Workshop (only in Japanese)
Edo Kiriko glasswork is said to have its origins in the late Edo Period when a merchant by the name of Kagaya Kyubei, who ran a glassware shop in the Ōdenmach ōo area of Edo (modern Tokyo), made cuts into some glassware. Later, the Edo Kiriko craft grew in leaps and bounds, driven by the influx of western technologies during the modernization of Japan in the Meiji Period. Edo Kiriko is characterized by the glittering rainbow of colors emitted from the intricate patterns cut meticulously into clear, colorless glass. The beauty and delicacy of this glasswork led to the word giyaman (from the Dutch word for “diamond”, which were used to cut glass) being used colloquially to mean “beautiful woman”. Artisan perform making doll and you can experience making it.

Mon 12 Feburary 2018
① 10:30~12:30
② 14:00~16:00
MARUGEN100(Museum lecture hall)
Eishun Tsukada(Edo Kimekomi Dolls)

Masaki Yamada(Edokiriko(Cut glass) )
Limited number
Please apply as below,
(Advance reservation / Order of arrival)
the Sumida Hokusai Museum
Educational department
E-mail : hm-fq@hokusai-museum.jp
TEL: 03-6658-8931(Except Monday and national holiday 9:30~17:30)
Edo Kimekomi Dolls :2,800 yen

Edokiriko(Cut glass):1,500 yen
the necessary time
about 90 mins