Permanent Exhibition

About Permanent Exhibits

The permanent exhibits consist of seven areas. It starts with “1. Sumida and Hokusai”, a section that explains Hokusai and his birthplace “Sumida”, followed by six other areas (“2. Study Painting” to “7. Nikuhitsu-e (hand-painted artworks)”) divided by his main pseudonyms. The exhibition shows a major work from each time (full-scale high-definition replica) along with its episodes, allowing you to imagine how Hokusai lived his life. The museum collects various audio-visual materials: A replica of “Susanoo no Mikoto Yakujin Taiji no Zu” (“Susano-o no Mikoto Making a Pact with the Spirits of Disease”) reconstructed from a black-and-white photo, “Hokusai Edebon Daizukan” (“A Collection of Hokusai’s Art Manuals”)  that explains a manual book “Hokusai Manga” (“Sketches by Hokusai”) with a touch screen, displaying Nishiki-e on a high-resolution monitor, a video workshop of the making process of Nishiki-e, and a model of Hokusai’s art studio. You can familiarize yourself with Hokusai in these fun exhibitions.

Model of Hokusai’s Art Studio

When Hokusai was 84 years old, he lived in Hannokibaba in Sumida Ward with his daughter Oei. This real-size model was created based on the sketch of Hokusai’s house that his disciple Iitsu Tsuyuki left.