Theater, Dance, Music —Enjoy the Edo Performing Arts with Hokusai

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Theater, Dance, Music —Enjoy the Edo Performing Arts with Hokusai

March 19, 2024(Tue.) - May 26, 2024(Sun.)
While he has now earned world-wide acclaim, Hokusai too was once a novice, just getting his start. In his early art works, he has created a large volume of works related to the theater, including music and dance. This exhibition presents works that make us appreciate Hokusai’s deep connections to the theater, including actor prints from his Shunrō period, privately commissioned prints created as invitations to musical and other performances, and his depiction of the “sparrow dance” and its incorporation in many craft objects. Through these many works, please enjoy his vast-ranging oeuvre!
March 19 - May 26, 2024
1st term: Mar 19 - Apr 21
2nd term: Apr 23 - May 26
(Except Apr 30, May 7)
(Except Apr. 29, May 6)
9:30-17:30 (last admission 17:00)
Exhibition room
3rd floor Special Exhibition Room
Sumida City, The Sumida Hokusai Museum

*Some exhibits will be changed during the exhibition period.
*Unauthorized reproduction or diversion of work-images is forbidden.

List of Works

List of Works_"Theater, Dance, Music —Enjoy the Edo Performing Arts with Hokusai"

Admission Fees

65 and over
J.H.S. students
Disabled Peoples
Children in primary school
 and younger
  • Reservations for groups are not being accepted for the time being.
  • Junior high, high school, and university students (including technical college, vocational school, and special training college students) will be requested to show student ID.
  • Adults 65 and over will be requested to show a document verifying age.
  • Persons with a certificate such as the following plus one accompanying person are admitted at a discount charge: physical disability, intellectual disability, rehabilitation, mentally handicapped health and welfare, atomic bomb victim health notebook, etc. (Please show your certificate at time of admission.)
  • Use of these tickets is limited to the day on which the exhibition is visited and allows you to see AURORA (Permanent Exhibition Room) and Exhibition Plus Room, too.

Original Leaflet

Along with contents of the exhibition, it follows the exhibition high lights. The shape of the leaflet is folding like a "Privately Commissioned Prints for Special Events(披露会擢物)" that is shown on Act 2-Scene 1 in this exhibition. English commentary is available after scan the QR code on the back side of the leaflet.
Title 【Leaflet】Theater, Dance, Music —Enjoy the Edo Performing Arts with Hokusai
Price ¥350