Hokusai: Mountain Grandeur

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Hokusai: Mountain Grandeur

June 20, 2023(Tue.) - August 27, 2023(Sun.)
Hokusai depicted a variety of mountains. This exhibition through Hokusai’s works of mountains, introduce mountain religions, alpine occupations, legends, and tales of the supernatural, as they examine the ties between people and mountains in Japan.
June 20 - August 27, 2023
1st term: Jun 20 - Jul 23
2nd term: Jul 25 - Aug 27
Tuesday-Sunday(Except Tue, Jul 18 )
Mon / holiday, Jul 17
9:30-17:30 (last admission 17:00)
Mondays (Except Mon / holiday, Jul 17)
Tue, Jul 18
*If Monday is a national holiday or a substitute holiday, open Monday and closed the following Tuesday.
Exhibition room
3rd floor exhibition room
Sumida City, The Sumida Hokusai Museum

Exhibition Overview 

Hokusai depicted mountains throughout Japan, from Mount Fuji, now a worldwide treasure, to the hundred famous peaks, still popular today, and even to Mount Tempō, an artificial mountain built in Osaka in Hokusai’s day.  The context behind Hokusai’s alpine work was the deep connection, dating from long before modern mountaineering began, between the people of Japan and its mountains, which they climbed as an act of religious faith or to make their livings. Through Hokusai’s depictions of mountains, we introduce mountain religions, alpine occupations, legends, and tales of the supernatural.  As we examine the ties between Japan’s people and its mountains, we also explore Hokusai’s diverse, and fascinating, renderings of mountains.  


Exhibition Composition 

  •  Prologue (The Trailhead): The Japanese and Mountains
  •  First Station: From Mount Fuji to Mere Hills—Hokusai Depicts Mountains of All Sorts
  •  Second Station: Life in the Mountains
  •  Third Station: Mountains and Legends—Weird Mountain Creatures

Exhibition Highlights


Admission Fees    

65 and over
J.H.S. student
 Visitors with disabilities 
E.S. student
  • Reservations for groups are not being accepted for the time being.
  • Junior high, high school, and university students (including technical college, vocational school, and special training college students) will be requested to show student ID.
  • Adults 65 and over will be requested to show a document verifying age.
  • Persons with a certificate such as the following plus one accompanying person are admitted at a discount charge: physical disability, intellectual disability, rehabilitation, mentally handicapped health and welfare, atomic bomb victim health notebook, etc. (Please show your certificate at time of admission.)
  • Use of these tickets is limited to the day on which the exhibition is visited and allows you to see AURORA (Permanent Exhibition Room) and Exhibition Plus Room, too.


 Ticket Counter 
 ・Entrance reception on the first floor of the Sumida Hokusai Museum ( from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on days the museum is open.)
 ・Ryogoku Tourist Information Center: https://visit-sumida.jp/spot/6196/
 Advance Tickets
    20% discount on the regular admission fee. *These tickets are limited time sale. 
    Sales Period: Tuesday, March 14 to Monday, June 19, 2023
*Advance sales at the Sumida Hokusai Museum ticket counter will end on Sunday, June 18. 
      We will be closed on Monday, June 19.
 After the advance tickets purchase period
    Same-day tickets can be obtained in person at the ticket counter on the first floor of the museum on the day of the exhibition.
    No reservations are required to view the exhibition.


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