New Year Event _ Held on January 2 and January 3 for 2 days

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January 2, 2020(Thu.) - January 3, 2020(Fri.)
We have prepared the two-day New Year event was set up on January 2 and January 3.
Enjoy the Hokusai Museum in the new year!
MARUGEN100 (Museum lecture hall)
Free (However, an admission ticket or annual pass is required)
① Draw lots Event!
If you get the Daikichi (great luck) by drawing our original lots, you will win a gift!

・Elementary school students and below:Small notes of Hokusai pattern

・Adults:The Book of "HOKUSAI STUDY and RESERCH".(Japanese)

※Event ends with out of gifts
② 5 minutes workshop
Let's make the original Hokusai New Year's card!

Hokusai was created the books of drawing manuals "Easy to Learn Abbreviated Picture" to teach his students how to draw. Let's create your original New Year's card with colored pencils based on the design from that book!

※Limited number of 50 sheets daily (Event ends as soon as 50 sheets ends)