Hokusai Beauty The Brilliant women of Edo

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Hokusai Beauty The Brilliant women of Edo

February 14, 2018(Wed.) - April 8, 2018(Sun.)
In the changing of painting style, Hokusai established a distinctive style “Ukiyo-e portraying beautiful women”, which attracted many people by capturing the trend. The world of fabulous beauty paintings depicted by Hokusai and his pupils.
Wed 14 February ~ Sun 8 April 2018
9:30~17:30(Last admission 17:00)
Sumida ward・the Sumida Hokusai Museum

Hokusai is known for the many stylistic transformations he achieved in his seventy-year career, including the distinctive styles he developed for depicting beautiful women (bijin, beauties). During his early, Shunrō, period, he was influenced by Torii Kiyonaga, who was famous for his portrayals of beautiful women. In his Sōri period, he painted graceful beauties with oval faces before gradually shifting to depicting more stunningly beautiful, voluptuous women. Hokusai is famed for his landscapes, including, of course,  Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, but, particularly in the prime years of his career, he was regarded as ranking with Kyōden, an ukiyo-e artist also famous for his popular fiction, in the genre of contemporary sharebon, illustrated novels of adventures in the licensed quarters, for his elegant portrayals of women.Hokusai also included depictions of kimono patterns, hairstyles, and accessories in his work, expressing the gorgeous feminine beauty of the Edo period through women’s attire.
 This exhibition introduces the fascination of Hokusai’s portrayals of beautiful women and the glorious world of the Edo beauty through 130 works, including depictions of beautiful women by Hokusai and members of his school from our museum’s collection and materials, including hair style patterns, accessories, and makeup equipment, from the Pola Research Institute of Beauty & Culture.

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