【Performance】Japanese artist Akira Yamagichi will draw huge Bodhidharma

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October 14, 2017(Sat.) - October 14, 2017(Sat.)
Current exhibition is “Performer ☆ Hokusai” which focus on the fact that he executed a work of performance art. In 1817 he carried out this performance at the Nagoya Nishikakesho painting a huge portrait of the founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma.
What happen if Hokusai’s performance will be made today? We will held the event related to this exhibition.
Following to Hokusai, a famous Japanese contemporary artist named Akira Yamaguchi is trying to perform a huge Bodhidharma drawing!
Sat 14 October
 ※There is possibility that the schedule will be changed
YKK60 building Atrium (3-22-1 Kamezawa, Sumida city)
Akira Yamaguchi


■Organizer: Sumida City, the Sumida Hokusai Museum, Tokyo Shimbun

■Admission Free   

 ※There is possibility to restrict admissions during rush hours

■Exhibition Date and Time(After performance): Mon 16 October – Sun 22 October, 9:00-19:00

■Exhibition Venue: YKK60 building Atrium (3-22-1 Kamezawa, Sumida city)

■Corporation: YKK Corporation, YKK AP Inc.

■Contact: the Sumida Hokusai Museum: http://hokusai-museum.jp/